aBOUt uS

aBOUt uS

For over 7 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area. We love creating a bond with the families and their pets, caring for them to the fullest extent, and creating everlasting relationships. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality care while you're away.

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to receive the care your pets deserve.

We are always prepared for any pet's needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness, health, and care is our top priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive.

The pets and their families we serve become lifelong family members to us as well and we strive to do our best to make you feel like family.

We offer a wide variety of service options. We are also flexible in dates and times as well as servicing areas.

Some of the services we offer are talking your favorite pup for a walk on the town, drop in visits for your scaly buds, and a wide range of training options for your favorite pooch.

Our training curriculum is also full of variety. We teach basic obedience classes, socialization, advanced obedience classes, Canine Good Citizens certifications, as well as preparing for therapy dog testing. Best of all, WE COME TO YOU

AKC Trainer & Pet Safety & CPR Certified

Shane has been training dogs for 7 years. His passion for animals started years before that when he worked at a canine training center as their maintenance guy. Since then he has expanded his love of working with animals to more than just one on one training for dogs. Shane has experience working with all sizes and breeds of dogs, a multitude of temperaments and behavioral issues, and a variety of ages.

Shane also has experience with several varieties of cats, small animals of all types, reptiles of different species, amphibians, birds, and aquatic life. His love for animals shows with the menagerie he has at home. He has several dogs, cats, & reptiles.

Shane Velilla


Pet Safety & CPR Certified

Specializes in Reptiles and Aquatics

Laura's main love is fish and reptiles, but don't let her fool you. She's a real softy for the fur babies too.

Laura has an extensive knowledge and background working in aquatics as well as all things scales. So for fish or reptile questions, she's your go to!

Laura has been running our daycare and boarding program from the day we opened the doors. She is also certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR.

Laura Olson


Animals WE have experience with:

Animals WE have experience with:


Ball Pythons








Bearded dragons

Leopard geckos

guinea pigs


Frogs (various)


water dragons

crested geckos


Our Services

Pet boarding

Prices starting at $50 per night per dog & $25 per night per cat

dog walking

Prices starting at $20 per session (depending on number of dogs walked)

Dog training

Prices starting at $25 per 30 minute session

Doggie daycare

$25 up to 5 hours

$45 up to 12 hours

$50 for 12-24 hours

Dog walking:

Dog walking:

•All ages of dogs welcome!

•All times available

•Walks, feed, or whatever you need!

•Great for socialization!

•Discount if needed consistently

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

30 minute Sessions

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo




Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

I come to you !

Dog TrAInINg:

Dog TrAInINg:

•Puppy & Adult Obedience

•Canine Good Citizens

•CGC Exam

•Therapy Dog (Prep Only)

•Behavioral Issues

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

30 minute Sessions

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

$25 per class

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Star Minimalist Tattoo

in home training

Additional services

PLEASE NOTE : Bath, nail trims, & ear cleanings are for DAYCARE & BOARDING CLIENTS ONLY

We do not offer grooming services individually.

Pick up & drop off

Fees provided are for EACH WAY

$5 for 5 miles or less

$10 for up to 15 miles

$20 for anywhere else

(Tolls will be an additional cost)

Basic Baths

$20 for small dogs (up to 20lbs)

$30 for medium dogs (21-40lbs)

$40 for large dogs (41-60lbs)

$50 for extra large dogs (61 Ibs +)

nail trim & Ear Cleans

$10 nail trims

$10 basic ear cleans

If you love us, you’ll love them too:

If you love us, you’ll love them too:

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Star Minimalist Tattoo

Pedigree Pet Spa

Pedigree Pet Spa

13 Highland Ave.

Metuchen, NJ

(732) 549-1300


They groom all our dogs and cats!!

South River Veterinary

135 Main Street

South River, NJ

(732) 257-4747


Our Personal Vet that treats our babies

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

South River Vet

East Brunswick Animal Hospital

44 Arthur Street

East Brunswick, NJ

(732) 254-1212


Amazing Emergency Staff and Vet

Star Minimalist Tattoo
Star Minimalist Tattoo

East Brunswick Animal Hospital

Contact us for all your pet needs!

Contact us for all your pet needs!

Shane : (609) 972-2711

Laura : (609) 972-2804





Prong Collar Policy


For the safety of your pet, we do not allow a prong collar of any kind to be worn during their stay. If a pet comes with a prong collar, the owner acknowledges that a standard collar will be purchased and the owner will be charged and proof of receipt will be given.

There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

BOARDING & Daycare Contract



Ryker Wiggles (AKA Stink) was one of Shane and Laura's personal babies that we lost to kidney failure. This beautiful and quirky girl was definitely a Daddy's girl all the way.

RIP Stink. 12/25/2019-06/21/2021


Trax was another of Shane and Laura's babies that was lost in an accident. He was loving, goofy, ball of curiosity and got his name when he got stuck in the dashboard of a Chevy Trax.

RIP Little Man. 09/15/2020-10/10/2021


George was love by every dog, cat, and person he met. He loved to cuddle and explore and was a great daddy to his litter of kittens. We don't think we will ever meet another soul like his.

RIP Best Daddy Ever. 05/01/2021-09/15/2022


Opie Dopie Olson was one of our own, the patriarch of what we have created if you will. Words can’t express this big guy, he was loved by everyone who met him and he has left very large paw prints in our hearts. He was Mommy’s (Laura’s) first dog and our most loving boy.

We will love and miss you forever buddy.

RIP Old Man. Sept 2009-Feb 16th, 2023


Moon was the life of the CK9A household. Didn’t matter she couldn’t hear the music, she danced to whatever was in her head. We used to joke she was the loudest deaf girl ever. Her spunky attitude is severely missed by Mommy & Daddy.

RIP Goofball. June 23rd, 2021-July 7th, 2023


This beautiful old girl was Molly. Shane had the pleasure of being able to walk her for about 6 months before she passed.

RIP Molly 2019


kinga was such a sweet soul that loved everyone. She cuddled and gave kisses relentlessly. She was also an amazing mom!

we love you Kinga!

Feb 19th, 2005 to Aug 24th, 2017


Mr. Bentley was another distinguised gentleman that Shane had the pleasure of to visit for walks while his mom and dad were working. He left behind two younger brothers.

RIP Bentley 2019


Mia was a once in a lifetime pup that youcouldn’t help but fall in love with. Shane had the honor to do Mia’s training from Puppy Classes to Therapy Dog.

RIP Mia 7/14/2018-5/19/2020


We only knew Smokey for a short time but he was larger than life! Shane & Laura had the privilege to host him for boarding as well as Shane working on his training.

RIP Smokey 11/27/2021


Shane had the pleasure of meeting Oscar when his parents signed his new baby sister up for training sessions. He was such a little gentleman! We will definitely miss this man and his antics.

RIP Oscar 11/2022


We had the pleasure to meet this great boy when his parents signed up for training with Shane. He was a sweetheart who loved his family like no other pup. He was smart and full of life.

RIP Sarge 12/2022


We only knew Gus a short time before he passed on , but we will never forget his gentle demeano. He never failed to meet you at the door with a smile on his face!

RIP Gus 1/3/2023


Harlee was a very special girl to us. We loved her from thevery beginning. She was a spunky girl with her own way of loving the humans around her. She is going to be greatly missed.

RIP Harlee 03/2023


Mr Lucky was amazing. We were honored to be able to care for him as well as his brother who previously passed (Bentley). He was sweet and loving and always down for cuddles.

RIP Lucky 2023


Travis was one of the sweetest boys we ever had come for daycare. He loved to run and protected his “little” older sister every time we had them for boarding.

RIP Travis 2023


This beautiful girl was also my furry niece and she stole my heart and my lap from the day I met her. Not a time went by that she wasn’t in my lap when I was at her house. I love you Tiah.

6/2/14 - 7/25/23


This handsome boy was my furry nephew and his favorite thing to do was whine at me because I stopped petting him lol. Iwo i love you and I’ll miss you so much buddy.

4/1/11 - 7/25/23